Diabetic Foot Moisturising Cream 75ml


Specific treatment for intensive hydration of the foot of diabetic subjects. Its formulation
deeply nourishes the epidermis and prevents the occurrence of small wounds due to the extreme 
dryness of the skin that can degenerate into painful and dangerous skin ulcers.
Its formula consists of active substances with a high emollient, elasticizing and protective 
action; Bisabolol, the main component of natural chamomile essential oil, is an effective 
soothing for skin prone to inflammation and redness.

The "WELLNESS OF FOOT" line of Master-Aid® Foot Care is characterized by a pleasant and 
exclusive fragrance with essential notes of thyme with persistent deodorising and refreshing

Naturally present in the surface layers of the skin, it is a component of the skin hydration 
factor widely used in the cosmetic field to treat highly dehydrated and thickened skin. It has 
keratolytic and exfoliating properties: it favors the removal of dead cells, leaving the skin 
soft and smooth. By retaining water molecules, it hydrates the skin in depth, softening the skin
layer and promoting the healing of small skin cracks.

Hydrophobically modified starch form. It can be used as talc, because it is able to absorb 
moisture without giving rise to coalescence. It is used to reduce the oiliness of the products
and to absorb excess sebum on the skin, leaving a soft and dry touch.

Natural sesquiterpene alcohol, the main component of chamomile essential oil. It is used for its
anti-inflammatory properties. Used in cosmetics intended for sensitive and delicate skin, it is 
an effective soothing for irritated and congested skin.

They increase the elasticity and hydration of the skin thanks to the excellent smoothing action 
and the repair properties of the skin.



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