Apivita Balancing Shampoo for Very Oily Hair with Peppermint & Propolis 250ml



Balancing Shampoo for Very Oily Hair

with peppermint & propolis

  • Oily Hair & Scalp
81% natural ingredients

Regulation of Excessive Sebum Secretion – In-depth Cleansing – Unique Sensation of Freshness

Under normal circumstances, sebum is produced in order to provide hair with shine, elasticity and protection against the adverse effects of the environment. Excessive sebum secretion, though, leads to dull and lifeless hair. The Balancing Shampoo for Very Oily Hair offers in-depth cleansing without causing irritations, leaving hair healthy, shiny and smooth.

  • Disinfects and regulates oiliness thanks to the innovative propolis extract with its excellent antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-mucus attributes.
  • Contributes to the minimization of excess sebum thanks to thyme, nettle and natural lipoamino acid.
  • Fights oiliness while at the same time it offers volume and glow to lifeless hair thanks to lemon, thyme and mint organic essential oils.
  • Cleanses in depth without causing irritations and promotes scalp health.
  • Gives a unique sensation of freshness thanks to mint.
  • Maintains hair’s natural hydration, while leaving hair fluffy and shiny.
  • Protects hair and scalp against the adverse effects of the environment by maintaining the balance of the scalp bio-flora thanks the Bio Cotton Protection System (cotton bloom extract + oligosaccharide + arginine).


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