Dulcosoft Powder for Drinking Solution 10gr x 10 Sachets


DulcoSoft is a new innovative product that comes to offer a natural sense of relief to the very common constipation problem.
It is the only product with the active substance Macrogol 4000 in oral solution.
It has a neutral taste for easy take-up and can be instantly mixed with any hot or cold beverage of your choice, e.g. A glass of water, fruit juice or tea.
It is not absorbed by the body, it has an excellent safety profile and is suitable for all population groups *, even for pregnant, lactating and diabetics.

– Natural sense of relief from constipation
– Softens hard stools
– Suitable for the whole family (from 2 years *), pregnant and lactating women, diabetics (the solution contains no sugar)
– Suitable for patients on a low sodium diet
– Gluten free
– Neutral taste
– Medical device

Use: Adults and children aged 8 years and over: 1-2 sachets daily dissolved in a liquid, preferably taken as a single dose in the morning.


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