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  • Apivita Cream with Propolis 40ml


    95% natural ingredients BENEFITS Propolis is a bee product known for its mild antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Traditionally used…

  • FLAMIGEL®, Hydroactive Colloid Gel 50 g


    Flamigel® is a hydroactive colloid gel for the treatment of wounds which supports the healing of skin by covering the…

  • glass care cleaning wipes 10 pcs


    Anyone who wears glasses knows how easy it is for the lenses to get smudges and smears all over them.…

  • Hansaplast Wound Healing Ointment 50g


    Supports the healing of wounds and damaged skin Promotes up to 2x faster healing* Helps to reduce scarring Can be…

  • Hansaplast Wound Spray 100ml


    Spray for antiseptic wound cleansing Protects effectively against infections Fast and pain-free application Colourless solution doesn’t stain clothes Easy to…

  • Jalplast Plus Cream 100g, Hyaluronic Acid + Silver Sulfadiazine


    The cream Jalplast Plus is indicated for the treatment of skin lesions, in particular those with a high risk of…

  • Octenisan Wash Lotion 150ML


    Description: Wash lotion, for body, hair washing, and showering. * Gentle and deep cleansing * Emollient and moisturizing action *…

  • Octenisept Wound Gel 20ml


    For acute wounds and slight burns. Description: Moistens and protect the wound * thus prevents infections and helps wounds healing…

  • Protective Face Shield


    POLI FACE SHILD - PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE) with replacement shield & sponge backed