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  • Korres Equisetum 24h Deodorant Protection


    EQUISETUM DEODORANT Sensitive/ depilated skin 1,01Fl. Oz. 30mL __ Aluminum salts free KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS 24h deodorant protection that…

  • Korres Equisetum 48h Deodorant Antiperspirant Protection


    EQUISETUM DEODORANT Intense perspiration 1,01Fl. Oz. 30mL __ For sensitive skin KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS 48 hour deodorant antiperspirant protection…

  • Korres Equisetum 48h Deodorant Antiperspirant Protection, 30ml


    Korres Equisetum 48h Deodorant PRODUCT DETAILS As part of its ongoing effort to address skin needs naturally without compromising on…