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  • Apivita Cream with Propolis 40ml


    95% natural ingredients BENEFITS Propolis is a bee product known for its mild antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Traditionally used…

  • Apivita Pure Jasmine Bath Salts With Essential Oils 250gr


    PURE JASMINE Bath Salts with Essential Oils with jasmine 250gr 98% natural ingredients Body Detoxification – Invigoration and Revitalization –…

  • Apivita Pure Jasmine Gentle Exfoliating Cream 200ml


    PURE JASMINE Gentle Exfoliating Cream with jasmine 200ml 97% natural ingredients Gentle Exfoliation – Revitalization and Softness – Euphoria and…

  • Apivita Pure Jasmine Moisturizing Body Milk 200ml


    PURE JASMINE Moisturizing Body Milk with jasmine 200ml 99% natural ingredients Moisturization and Protection – Euphoria and Well-Being Sensation –…

  • Apivita Rose Pepper Deep Exfoliating Cream 150ml


    ROSE PEPPER Deep Exfoliating Cream with rose Concerns: Anti-cellulite & Firming 150ml 91% natural ingredients Exfoliation – Rejuvenation – Increase…

  • Apivita Rose Pepper Firming & Reshaping Body Cream 150ml


    ROSE PEPPER Firming and Reshaping Body Cream with rose Concerns: Anti-cellulite & Firming 150ml 97% natural ingredients Firming – Stimulation…

  • Apivita Royal Honey Body Scrub With Sea Salts 250gr


    ROYAL HONEY Body Scrub with Sea Salts with honey Concerns: Dry Skin 250gr  97% natural ingredients Exfoliation – Smoothing Effect…

  • Apivita Royal Honey Creamy Shower Gel With Essential Oils 300ml


    ROYAL HONEY Creamy Shower Gel with Essential Oils with honey Concerns: Dry Skin 300ml 96% natural ingredients Dirt Removal –…

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  • Apivita Royal Honey Rich Moisturizing Body Cream 200ml


    Rich Moisturizing Body Cream with honey Concerns: Dry Skin 200ml 98% natural ingredients Rich Moisturization and Nourishment – Protection and…

  • apivita tonic mountain tea moisturizing body milk 200ml


    TONIC MOUNTAIN TEA Moisturizing Body Milk with greek mountain tea Concerns: Body Energizing 200ml 91% natural ingredients Toning and Revitalization…

  • Bepanthol® Hand Cream


    Bepanthol Hand Cream The most suitable daily skin care. Trust Bepanthol® range for the hygiene of your body. Enjoy softness…



    Biafin Hydrating Cream is known for its moisturizing and softening properties. It is particularly recommended as a cosmetic treatment to…